• Abstract Submission Opening
  • Abstract Submission Deadline
    August, 20


The payment of the registration fee entitles the submission of up to 1 (one) abstract to be presented by the registered author. Co-authors of the abstract who wish to participate in the congress must also register and pay the registration fee, but they do not need to re-send the abstract.
Approved abstracts will be published in the congress website.

1 - Guidelines for abstract preparation

The abstract must be submitted online by clicking on REGISTRATION/ABSTRACT SUBMISSION.

Completion of abstract submission requires 5 steps:

A. Access to the system:

Inform the email and password previously chosen in the registration form and select “Abstract Submission”.

B. Rule

Read the rules and click on CONTINUE.

C. Abstracts

Click on:

  • CONTINUE to submit a new abstract;
  • CHANGE to edit your abstract;
  • EDIT AUTHOR to include, to edit or exclude;

D. Authors

Inform the number of co-authors (without counting you) and click on CONTINUE.

E. List of Authors and Institution

Insert authors in the respective fields in the same order as they appear in the abstract.
Remember to insert all the authors!
The full name and e-mail of each author will be asked.

F. Abstract Submission

  • Number the order of exhibition of the authors in the field above the name of each author;
    The first author (principal author) must be zero.
  • Indicate the presenting author;
  • Fill in the Institution, City and Country fields of each author;
  • Enter the title;
    Title size is limited to 255 characters with space.
  • Select your preference to the presentation: Poster or Oral
After the evaluation the Scientific Advisory Board will define which type of presentation will be. More information about poster and oral presentation, see the items 3 or 4 this manual.
  • Select the area:
    Cellular Immunology (CE)
    Chemokines and Trafficking (CT)
    Clinical Immunology (CL)
    Education in Immunology (EI)
    Humoral Immunology (HI)
    Immunology of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (ID)
    Immunopharmacology (IP)
    Immunoregulation (IR)
    Innate Immunity (IN)
    Molecular Immunology (MI)
    Transplantation and Immunogenetics (TR)
    Tumor Immunology (TU)
    Vaccines (VC)
  • Insert funding agency;
  • Enter the abstract and use the toolbar to format words or to insert special characters.
    The abstract text must be written in English and is limited to 2,500 (two Thousand and five hundred) characters with space;
  • Insert three key words;
  • Confirm the data of your abstract and click on CONTINUE.

2. Analysis of the abstract

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee, based on the criteria outlined.

Citations referring to bibliographic references in abstracts follow different criteria from those used in full articles. Citations should be restricted to a minimum (no author names) and, if necessary, the abbreviated journal title should be used, followed by volume: first page-last page, year (e.g. Brain Res. 472:24-40, 1992).

Citations like (Ashley et al., 1994) will not be accepted.

In cases of non-compliance to the list of items below, a revised version of abstracts may be considered. Subsequent acceptance will be at the discretion of the Scientific Committee.
  1. Area related to Immunology.
  2. General interest of abstract theme.
  3. Ethical clearance (research on humans and laboratory animals).
  4. Language.
  5. Definition of study material.
  6. Definition of terms used.
  7. Clear result description.
  8. Conclusion outside the limitations of the results.
  9. Conclusion supported by the results.
The notification of the approval or refusal will be published in the restricted online area.

Results of analysis will be available in the restricte area in “My abstracts”.

3. Poster Instructions

  • Posters should contain the title of the paper and the name and affiliation of the authors.
  • The title of the poster should be the same as the title in the accepted abstract;
  • The poster must be written in ENGLISH;
  • Posters should include: objectives, methodology, results and conclusions.
  • Accepted abstracts must be presented in virtual poster sessions.
  • Posters will be available for viewing throughout the 3 days of the meeting.
  • Poster presenters must upload a PDF of their poster (instructions will be provided after acceptance).
  • Poster presenters must be pre-record and upload a 5 minutes presentation of their poster. (instructions will be provided after acceptance.
  • The posters will be analyzed by one or more members of the Evaluation Committee pre-selected by SBI.
  • The criteria adopted are: quality of the abstract and presentation, presenter’s ability to insert the abstract in specific literature.

4. Oral Presentation

  • The presentation must be in English;
  • SBI will select presentations among the submitted abstracts for Platform sessions.
  • The corresponding author of the poster selected for oral presentation will be notified by email and must respond agreeing or not with this form of presentation.
  • The abstracts presented orally do not apply for the SBI Award of the best scientific poster.